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It is reasonable to assume that we expect continuous reliability, this is of course until such point when your critical equipment malfunctions. It may develop an intermittent fault or stop operating all together; we all take our water chillers for granted.

However, they plan an integral role in the commercial and industrial applications, and if they’re out of action it can wreak serious havoc with your working conditions or temperature-sensitive equipment.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain and service your cooling plant regularly. To keep your chiller running effectively, it’s also essential to better understand how your unit operates.

To assist with this thought, here are some important facts to consider:

  • Over 24% of energy used in commercial buildings is used for heating, ventilating and cooling (HVAC)
  • Making your cooling systems as efficient as possible can bring down your building maintenance costs
  • The most energy-efficient chillers have lower kW/ton ratings
  • A poorly maintained cooling system can reduce efficiency by up to 35%!
  • Due to material fatigue, the efficiency of your cooling system may be degraded over time. Thanks to technological advancements, it may prove that replacing your cooling system is a more economical solution.
  • Always select the most appropriate chiller size for your application – oversized chillers can result in energy wastage due to poor low-load efficiency.

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