Process Cooling

At GalxC our team of dedicated and experienced engineers understand the needs of companies requiring process cooling water chillers. Having years of experience in the chiller industry, they know how important all the detail is when you are trying to choose the right process cooling system for your company. No matter what process you undertake or industry you are in our team will ensure you receive the best advice, so you get the right solution at the right price.

PCC Series: 5 – 225 kW Air Cooled Process Chiller

Process Cooling

SCX Series: 80 – 360 kW Air Cooled Chiller / Heat Pump 

Process Cooling

GXC Series: 3 – 180 kW Air Cooled Non Ferrous Process Chillers


LCX Series: 60 – 415 kW Air Cooled Process Chillers

LSE Series: 360 – 1200 kW Air Cooled Process Chillers

Experience you can rely on from a company you can trust

Understanding of the technical specifications is only half the story when choosing the right process cooling chiller. The other half comes with the experience that is gained over years of installation and servicing of the equipment, so when our engineers offer their advice, it is that essential combination you receive. Being completely independent also means that our team are under no obligation to anyone and will offer you, the best advice for you, something at GalxC we pride ourselves on.

Complete Process Cooling System Service

Developing a solution, isn’t just about the installation but also about the complete life of the equipment.  At GalxC our team will work with you, throughout the time you have our equipment to ensure it stays in excellent working order. We don’t believe in quick fixes but rather offer a complete service that allows you to be confident when you order with us that we’ll be around to assist with any questions you may have now and in the future.

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To learn more about us have a read of the About Us Page.  Learn more about all the chiller options we offer in our Chiller Sales pages. If you feel you know enough about GalxC already and want to talk more about our water chiller process cooling solutions please get in touch or contact us for more details or arrange an appointment. Alternatively, find out what has been happening within the industry or with us in the Latest News.

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