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From bespoke data centre cooling to a single server IT room, GalxC are able to offer the data centre cooling solution to match your requirements, ensuring maximum cooling capacity with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Our data cooling product range is specifically designed for critical applications from chilled water units and free cooling, to inverter driven DX units and Rack Coolers. Single module units from 2.7kW to 236kW.

For further information on our product range please see Data Centre Cooling Systems section.

What do our data centre cooling systems offer?

• Improved infrastructure for cooling efficiency
• Optimum temperature for efficient running of equipment
• Reduced energy costs

Here at GalxC, we offer tailor-made solutions to ensure we pinpoint the right solution for your particular circumstance and client. For each project we can offer a full turnkey operation, whether you are consulting for a single computer room or a sizable data centre.

See our latest cooling system for data centre turnkey project here.

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