Data Centre Cooling Systems

GalxC Data Centre Cooling Systems are able to deliver an improved infrastructure for cooling efficiency, providing the opportunity to reduce energy costs within a data centre environment.

No two data centres are alike; that’s why we offer a tailor-made solution to ensure the best cooling efficiency for each project. We are capable of providing a full turnkey operation, with a wide range of options available to deal with any project size, whether it is a single computer room or a data centre venture.

Data Centres are dedicated facilities supporting business critical IT Servers, Telecommunications and Data Storage Facilities.

Demand for data exchange is growing at a rapid pace, increasing the load placed on data centres. Data technology requires a lot of power and thus a significant amount of rejected heat that requires cooling as efficiently as possible.

Area of Expertise 

data centre cooling systems

Computer Rooms

Data Centres

Telecom Switch Stations

Clean Rooms


GalxC offer bespoke cooling systems for your data centre incorporating room, row and rack coolers. We can tailor cooling equipment around your requirements, ensuring you have the most efficient cooling system for your servers as possible.

Options Available

  • Water Chillers
  • Free Cooling
  • CRAC / CRAHData centre cooling systems
  • Cold / Hot Aisle Containment
  • Close Coupled Cooling
  • High Density Cooling
  • In Row Cooling
  • In Rack Cooling
  • Overhead Cooling
  • Chimney or Ducted
  • Micro Containers
  • Telecom
  • Supplemental Cooling
  • Portable Cooling

GalxC Data Cooling is able to provide the complete range of data cooling systems from the smallest server room to large data centres. Low, Medium or High Density Cooling in various configurations, we are able to design a system to exceed your expectations.

System design from small DX indoor units with inverter compressors to large multi chiller and chilled water applications, incorporating free coolers and free cooling chillers.

Full turnkey design and installation, from site survey to commissioning & handover, GalxC has the confidence and experience to fulfill all your data cooling requirements.

Why Use GalxC For Data Centre Cooling Systems?

The GalxC Data Centre Cooling product range is specifically designed for critical applications where precise conditioning of air is essential.

The energy efficient range includes cooling applications from 2.7kW to 236kW, with individual modules including liquid free cooling / mechanical cooling and DX.

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