Rack Coolers

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Rack Cooler Standard Features

  • Spot Cooling: Where and when you need it
  • Air-Flow SwitchHIREF-HRCC
  • Full Accessibility
  • High Pressure radial fans with backward curved blades
  • High Efficiency hydrophillic finned coil with aluminium structure
  • Two drain pans made of AISI 430 stainless steel EDX
  • Hydraulic connections from the top and from the bottom
  • Powder-coated metal sheet structure
  • Rapid electrical connections
  • Footprint only 300 x 1200 mm or 600 x 1200 mm
  • Fully insulated panels
  • 2 or 3 way water valve, modulating by means of a 0-10 V signal
  • Programmable control with LCD display
  • Several different air-flow configurations
  • Modulating Air Flow in accordance to the cooling capacity for a much higher energy saving
  • Condensing Controls
    • Built-in control for air-cooled units (modulating fan-speed control) with dedicated automatic breaker
  • LAN connection up to 8 units

Rack Cooler Options and Accessories

  • EC plug fans with continuous speed modulation
  • Two separate zones control
  • Serial cards for Modbus or Lonworks protocols
  • Webserver Ethernet Card for supervision (SNMP or Bacnet Protocols)
  • Condensate water pump
  • Additional temperature and humidity sensors
  • Display of 3-way water valve mixing percentage
  • Water flow-metre with current Cooling Capacity display
  • Clogged Filter Sensor
  • Water leakage, fire and smoke sensors. Temperature and humidity additional sensors
  • Integrated IT Racks and Hotspot Cooling Solutions
  • Automatic air-flow control with display visualisation
  • Dehumidification with humidity sensor
  • Alarm option with extra potential free contacts
  • Lockable panels
  • Serial cards for protocols: Carel/Modbus/Lonworks/Trend
  • HIWEB Hardware: Ethernet card for protocols: Bacnet/SNMP
  • HIWEB Software: Ethernet card for web connectivity
  • GSM modem for SMS communication
  • Touch-screen colour graphic display
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