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Galx°C Split Type Air Conditioning Systems

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Galx°C split type air conditioners offer superior heating and cooling, with a cost effective installation. A smart conditioning solution for small to medium capacity jobs.

Galx°C Multi Air Conditioning Systems

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Galx°C Refrigerant Versatility – Heat Pump System

Galx°C air conditioning solution offers superior heating and cooling, coupled with cost effective installation. A smart conditioning solution for large capacity jobs.

Galx°C Refrigerant Versaltility – Mini Heat Pump System

Galx°C Mini GRV 2-pipe heat pumps specifically designed for numerous commercial and premium residential applications. Mini GRV is available in 2 sizes with cooling capacities ranging with up to 9 indoor units connectable.

Galx°C Concealed Ducted Split Range 

 Click Here To Download iCCDS Inverter Range PDF Brochure  Click Here To Download The CCDS Range PDFPDF Brochure

Galx°C Swift~Air® i  CCDS R410A Inverter Range

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The range has been designed to provide an optimum capacity output from a most compact foot print. Powered by the latest twin rotary compressor technology along with the highly acclaimed inverter technology, these systems offer exceptionally high efficiency levels, for longer pipe runs and great flexibility for installation.

The ducted A/C systems, consist of an indoor & outdoor unit together with flexible ducting. The indoor unit is concealed out of sight, within the ceiling void or under-floor, with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through vents located throughout the living area. The outdoor unit is installed discreetly and located externally.

Galx°C Swift~Air® CCDS R410A

 Click Here To Download SpecsPDF Brochure Click Here To Download The Installation ManualPDF Brochure

The range has a well-designed and durably constructed structure made with corrosion protected galvanized steel. Polyester powder coated drain pan of high pitched V-shape to protect against corrosion, this designed also to minimize wet surface and residual water during off cycles and to inhibit bacteria growth that may cause odours.

By providing versatility and easy installation options: you can adjust the distance between the air-intake and air-outlet vents to create optimal airflow.

The ducted systems are specifically designed for installation in ceiling spaces. Ideal for large residences or offices, ducted units are the ultimate hidden heating and cooling solution with only grilles visible.


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