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Here at GalxC, we’re proud to offer Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Products to all of our customers. With 50 years of experience in developing air conditioning systems, Mitsubishi is a world leader in the air conditioning industry.

GalxC are proud to pass on the associated benefits to our customers by supplying and installing Mitsubishi air conditioning systems, as part of our extensive range of units. GalxC’s close relationship with Mitsubishi, a well respected brand in the air conditioning industry, means our engineers are supported by the Mitsubishi Showroom and Training Centre.

Mitsubishi air conditioning provides cost-effective, energy-conscious systems, that are expertly designed to provide customers with constant, comfortable living and working environments – something that we know our customers desire when purchasing air conditioning systems.

Our highly trained, experienced engineers spend time at the Mitsubishi Showroom and Training Centre so they are familiar and confident with Mitsubishi air conditioning units before they arrive at your premises for your installation. This results in a fast air conditioning installation that you can be sure is of the highest quality, giving you total peace of mind.

Mitsubishi Electric strives to continually meet the increasing demands of their customers, an aim shared by GalxC. The Mitsubishi Showroom and Training Centre goes beyond their own product range so that those in the air conditioning industry are encouraged to explore the wider concepts of renewable technology. This means our engineers can pass this knowledge onto GalxC customers, offering them the greener options for their Mitsubishi air conditioning systems, or those from a third party.

Mitsubishi Electric always use chlorine-free refrigerants that are safe and also have ‘zero ozone depletion potential’. They require less energy to run, so have significantly lower environmental impact and global warming potential. Mitsubishi Electric were also the first in the industry to offer the highly advanced ‘inverter driven’ systems.

This technology means that Mitsubishi air conditioning systems produce the right amount of output to match the exact requirements of the building, meaning a reduction in energy wastage. Inverter technology means efficiency for the owner, preventing over-heating and over-cooling, which greatly reduces the running costs.

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Alternative systems to Mitsubishi air conditioning may appear cheaper – but can often cost substantially more to run, making Mitsubishi air conditioning the cost- effective choice and a wise investment.

Should you wish to compare Mitsubishi air conditioning with other systems, we are happy to discuss alternatives. Ultimately, we want our customers to feel that they have been supported in making the best and most cost-effective choice.

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