V-IPER - for both Heating and Cooling


GalxC are delighted to introduce V-IPER, the only range to provide ultimate
efficiency performance for both heating and cooling.

Our Air-Cooled Chillers and Heat pumps, 50-38 kW, offer:

  • All units are optimised for both heating and cooling efficiencies at part loads!
  • 40% less refrigerant used
  • Night time low noise reduction -8 d(B)A
  • Variable water flow
  • Lowest SCOP and EESER values
  • Small footprint
  • A+++ Class Efficiency (Heating and Cooling)
  • Algorithm variable controlled management software
  • + much more…

For full technical details, download our V-IPER brochure:




1.Efficiency at part-load conditions

V-IPER units are equipped with a Trio Solution, using up to 3 compressors per circuit. Thanks to its scheduled rotation, the compressors life expectancy increases. At partial load conditions, efficiency of trio system is greater by far compare to a tandem one.

2. 40% less refrigerant used

Microchannel technology and the careful thermodynamic research performed ensure a total refrigerant charge that is 40% lower than comparable chillers with traditional condensing coils.

3. Variable Water Flow

Variable water flow rate can be managed through advance control allowing for: a) increase plate heat exchanger efficiency, b) pump input power reduction and c) overall increase in seasonal efficiency due to an integrate algorithm capable of achieving high evaporation pressures (or low condensing pressures) even with reduced water flow rates at the primary circuit.

4. Low Noise Execution

Our units can be supplied in a low-noise version, with compressor housings and Axitop diffusors on the axial fans. A night attenuation function is also available to further reduce the sound power level; to -8 dB.

For full technical details, download our V-IPER brochure:




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