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Data Centres

Computers, servers and especially data centres need to be kept cool. The best way of providing this cooling is by utilising efficient and effective air conditioning, such as those provided by GalxC.

It is good practice to install air conditioning systems within ICT suites, server rooms and data centres, to reduce the effects of the massive heat gain that the machinery generates. Processors, servers and PCs all generate heat whenever they are switched on. Although computers generate a great deal of heat they do not like to be kept in hot rooms, such as hot data centres. IT equipment, such as that kept in data centres, is temperature sensitive and can also be temperamental, especially in a room that is too hot.

The heat from data centres must be removed or reduced as much as possible to prevent any crucial breakdown. The cost of lost information for businesses and organisations is costly, so is any resultant downtime, making it financially sensible to install air conditioners into data centres.

Even on the coldest winter’s day a data centre with 50 or 60 pieces of equipment in it can easily generate between 10 and 15 kilowatts of heat energy. Regardless of the data centre’s actual room design, air conditioning must be incorporated into it so that the heat generated by the computers can be reduced as quickly as the computers produce it, to prevent a catastrophic meltdown in equipment. Air conditioning installation in a data centre will extend the equipment’s life-span and increase its efficiency, as well as reduce the possibility of such failure.

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Industrial Environments

Computers that do not work efficiently increase stress levels for staff trying to access information as well as causing a loss in efficiency and probably poor customer service. Data centres with equipment that becomes hot and overheats can cause computers to crash temporarily, or worse crash permanently, loosing data. Businesses need to compare the marginal cost of installing air conditioners and its running costs, against the expenditure required to replace burnt out equipment due to overheating and the possible loss of reputation owing to poor service. It is imperative that air conditioning units are installed in data centres as this will increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the computers as well as safeguarding the reputation of the company.

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