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Factories and Industrial Units

More and more business owners and managers are discovering the impressive financial benefits of a comfortable, air conditioned environment. Air conditioning is vital in factories and industrial areas especially when a large amount of heat, dust or dirt is produced. Factories can be managed by efficient air conditioning and ventilation solutions which provide the necessary controlled environment.

In locations such as factories and industrial working areas, dirty air must be removed swiftly. GalxC Cooling provides you with units to achieve this, using efficient extraction to remove fumes and odours. We supply units that maintain areas at negative air pressure, to prevent dirty air from spreading to surrounding areas.

Most factories produce a lot of heat during the production process which we take into account when calculating the best air conditioning solution for your factory. GalxC Cooling engineers will work with the management from factories to carefully calculate what is needed from their air conditioning system. We will select the unit with the indoor capacity to match the heat load produced in your factory and meet your requirements.

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Industrial Environments

Industrial environments place a heavy demand on air conditioning units so it is important to consider access to controls, safety devices, the need to change/clean filters and accessibility for maintenance and services when selecting an air conditioning for factories. All GalxC engineers are very aware of this when selecting air conditioning systems for factories.


Improve staff productivity

Air conditioning transforms morale and productivity, leading to a very rapid pay back on your investment. We know that a productive workforce is crucial to the success of any business, including staff in factories and industrial areas. There is a close correlation between temperature and a person’s productivity. Accidents, mistakes, low morale and increased absenteeism all occur more frequently in extremes of temperature, with people tending to feel most comfortable in a temperature of 18 to 21°C with a relative humidity of 40% to 60%. Temperatures and humidity outside these ranges appear to affect the productivity of staff as well as potentially damaging equipment, stocks of raw materials or finished goods.

Employees need and deserve to work at a comfortable temperature without too much noise pollution added to the environment in which they work and we factor this into any air conditioning systems we supply and install for you.

With industrial air conditioning units from GalxC you will give your employees the best chance to achieve their optimum level of productivity whilst providing a more pleasant environment for your employees in factories.

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