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Air Conditioning for Offices

GalxC provide Air Conditioners for office spaces so that you can provide optimum working temperature with fresh air for your staff, enabling them to work at their most productive. A suitable Air Conditioning set-up results in staff being able to maintain concentration, take less breaks and be as efficient and productive as possible. You can then enjoy high quality work. reduced stress levels and an increase in staff retention rates – a real benefit to your business.

For maximum productivity, as well as good staff morale and a happy atmosphere, offices must avoid being too hot or too cold; they must not feel stuffy in summer or like an ice box in winter. Air Conditioning has become a standard feature in the workplace with many employees and visitors expecting offices to be air conditioned.

It is essential that offices are cooled in an efficient manner with low noise pollution so staff can remain comfortable and able to concentrate on their work. With GalxC providing your office air conditioning units, you give employees the best chance to achieve their optimum level of productivity in the best working environment possible.

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Working Environment

It is important that the Air Conditioning units does more than just control the temperature of the building, but provides ventilation. Many office buildings today are heavily insulated and air-tight, with little or no natural ventilation. Office Air Conditioners need ventilation to avoid becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, which would cause absenteeism and put pressure on employees.

More and more we are experiencing modern offices suffering from what is becoming known as ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, which causes employees to suffer from headaches, sore eyes, itching, loss of concentration and reduced productivity. This is caused by offices that have accumulated pollutants and odours from products that contain formaldehyde, pollen, dust and carbon dioxide. A suitable Air Conditioning system from GalxC Cooling will help work to avoid ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, providing ventilation and fresh air all day.

Reduced Operating Costs

The units GalxC supply introduce outdoor air into the building as well as controlling the temperature. Heat that is lost due to ventilation will be collected in the units we supply and then reused. This reduces operating costs whilst conditioning the air in the office to a comfortable level.

It is important to maintain or increase levels of efficiency and production, and find practical methods to reduce your energy consumption; GalxC’s Air Conditioners will provide the solution for you.

Offices of all sizes

GalxC can set up a system that will match your office’s layout to the unit with the most appropriate power so that the unit you select will not be over or under powered. For example, we can provide a unit with a switch that can be set to ‘High’ when a large number of people are in the office, then switched to ‘Low’ at a more energy-saving ventilation mode late at night or on holidays when there are fewer people present.

GalxC’s solution can also offer remote management of Air Conditioning units for businesses with dispersed offices, integrating multiple sites into one network, wirelessly connected to a server and use the network to communicate.

GalxC believe in providing high quality and reliable units for all customers, taking into account the size and layout of your office(s). Get the best return on investment, and the bespoke air conditioning system that your office or offices need by talking to GalxC today.

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