BCX chillers

BCX is the latest series of air-cooled heat pumps and chillers designed to meet the requirements of efficiency, configurability, reliability, and ease of maintenance. The series consists of 6 models with cooling capacities from 360 to 600 kW as cooling only version or reversible heat pump. To increase the efficiency at partial loads, trio solution of 3 compressors per circuit with adjustment logic that make it possible to manage the water-side flow rate modulation for better performance giving high values of SEER and SCOP, which make the BCX series fully compliant with the provisions of the ErP Directives that regulate the requirements of eco-design.

The generously-sized finned pack heat exchanger is designed to optimize both the operation as an evaporator and as a condenser (also in terms of fin type and circuitry).

The fan sections, with their exclusive air foil blades (Hy-Blade®) are characterized by extraordinary air performance and acoustics and represent the state of the art of the axial fan. The air diffuser AxiTop® allows to raise the efficiency of the fan with benefits in terms of noise (in combination with the condensation control) and overall efficiency of the unit.

The BCX range adopts innovative solutions in the functioning and layout of the internal components of the hydraulic kit, that is now simplified to reduce connections and minimize the pressure drop on the water side inside the machine.

Each model is fully configurable with the choice of control options, hydraulic, acoustic, heat recovery without involving changes to the overall dimensions.  BCX range is excellent chiller for most process cooling and comfort cooling applications.

Latest chiller technology

  • Heat pump chiller.

  • Multi-scroll compressors.

  • R410a refrigerant.

  • High efficiency under part load conditions thanks to trio configurations.

  • Intelligent water flow rate modulation.

  • Low-noise versions.

  • Incorporable hydraulic kit.

  • HyBlade® fans.

  • Remote connectivity with multiple protocols.

  • Electronic electronic expansion valve.

  • Meeting ErP Directives and eco-design.

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