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Beverage production and storage

On the rocks, lightly chilled or even frozen – many drinks are best served cold. This need to control the exact temperature of a beverage begins before production, as many ingredients, from milk to fruit juices, coffee beans to water, need to be stored at particular temperatures to ensure that they remain safe to consume and don’t lose their flavour. At GalxC, our team of dedicated engineers have years of experience designing, installing, maintaining and upgrading cooling systems, chillers and cold rooms for our customers. By working closely with our clients, we’re able to fully understand the needs of each production line and find affordable ways to improve productivity – for example by improving temperature control, reducing blast freezing times or increasing storage accessibility.

Cooling during production

Even if you want the whole production line to maintain the exact same temperature, different parts of the system will need different techniques to achieve this. As an example, jacketing pipes with insulation may be enough to keep a liquid’s temperature from rising significantly during a brief transit while a storage vat will need to continuously cool the liquid to counteract higher environmental temperatures.

At GalxC, we use a wide range of cooling techniques and technologies to create the perfect manufacturing environment for your products every step of the way. Some of our systems, such as glycol cooling systems, are integrated and act across the whole production line. Other solutions may be made up of separate off-the-shelf units, such as blast freezers and cold rooms.

Cold storage

Storing ingredients and finished products at the right temperature is essential whether that’s slightly lower than room temperature or a deep freeze. We offer a range of cold storage options from individual chillers and freezers through to specially designed large-scale cold rooms. Depending on the needs of your business, you may find you need different solutions to handle different stages of the manufacturing process. As an example, many of the ingredients of ice cream can be stored at room temperature or in a low-temperature chiller while the finished product needs a deep freeze.

Depending on stock control levels and how often goods come inwards and products are shipped on, you may need a large warehouse area maintained at a constant low temperature. Creating a space which has an even temperature across a wide area and also lets you manage stock and move items easily is a complex problem yet one we have solved time and time again.

The solution you need

By working with a wide range of technologies, we’re able to create bespoke solutions using off-the-shelf parts, keeping your costs down. At GalxC, we work with freon, glycol, brine, ammonia and DX systems, covering equipment from central cooling plants to individual blast freezers. Contact GalxC today so we can answer any questions and begin improving your cooling, freezing and cold storage systems.

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