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Leasing chiller system 700 kW

- Full installation via lease
- Including pipework + M&E project
- Lease spend with no balance sheet asset tax liability

Leasing chiller system 700 kW

A progressive manufacturer in the north west needed to update and increase cooling capacity for a new production plant expansion with the possibility of a further increase in a few years.

Whilst the client was keen to invest with a high performance cooling system, their preference was to keep capex to a minimum, and they had been renting chillers from an energy company for some time.

GalxC offered a leasing chiller solution where we provided the chillers, heat exchangers and the complete with a central stainless steel pipework installation - all as a lease over 3-5 years. GalxC lease also includes the maintenance and a full support package operated by our own chiller service engineering team.

The client was extremely happy with the chiller system performance and the commercial advantage of a GalxC lease chiller solution.

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