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Tiny Rebel Brewery Needed A “Glycol Chiller” For A Fast Chill Down For Their Beer

CLIENT:Tiny Rebel Brewery


The Tiny Rebel Brewing Company: Newport’s only Microbrewery

The Tiny Rebel Brewing Company is a new microbrewery located in Newport, South Wales. Newport’s only microbrewery operates three fermenters, two conditioning tanks all at 12 barrel capacity as well as two smaller 2.5 barrel conditioners.

15kw Chiller Less Than a Year Old and Already Providing Benefits

When Head Brewer, Gareth Williams was looking to open his new brewery business he already planned to use a “Glycol Chiller” to produce a high quality beer and achieve a high output. After looking at a few water chiller providers he decided without doubt to select GalxC, basing his decision on the response he received as well as GalxC’s vast knowledge of chillers and many years of experience.

By displaying knowledge of the micro-brewery business and showing The Tiny Rebel Brewery Company case studies and testimonials from satisfied customers, Gareth Williams was confident in his decision to select GalxC to supply his new chiller.

The installation is about 8 months old now and the chiller is performing very well.

Tiny Rebel Brewing Company Need To Chill Down Beer Quickly and Reliably

The time factor and the ability to “chill down” the beer is the most crucial factor in any micro-brewing operation. Being able to reduce the temperature quickly means reliable & consistent results, whilst retaining their quality and unique flavours.

Using less reliable methods such as banks of ice can delay the entire brewing process by many days, meaning less beer is produced, unless more fermenters and other equipment are purchased, increasing expenses and making the business more costly to operate. Using a chiller in the micro-brewery business is a cost effective solution for breweries.

The Tiny Rebel Brewing Company Purchased a Chiller from GalxC for Fast Chill Down

The Tiny Rebel Brewing Company trawled the internet to find a chiller company that would help them by supplying the right unit. The answers and help received from GalxC through good communications meant that GalxC was selected as the preferred company. We have continued to make sure we are available should the brewery have any questions about their chiller.

Always Achieving the Temperature Needed In the Time Required

The Tiny Rebel Brewing Company is very pleased with their chiller and the results it gives them.

A very fast chill down is regularly achieved for the Tiny Rebel Brewing Company. They have found that they get down from 20 degrees to 10 degrees in about 4-6 hours, whilst conditioning tanks are left to chill down overnight with temperatures reducing from 10 degrees to 5-1 degrees whilst the brewer sleeps, so it is ready for the morning.

Gareth Williams, Head Brewer of The Tiny Brewing Company said,

“The service, commissioning and servicing from GalxC has been fantastic. They are really very helpful and readily available on the phone or for call outs, even at night. On one occasion we placed a call at 8:30 p.m. Although it turned out the fault was not with the chiller but another section of the operation, the GalxC engineer took time to take us through the system and explain things to us, helping us solve the issue.”

GalxC said,

GalxC has enjoyed working with The Tiny Rebel Brewing Company as we have watched their new business develop and enjoyed seeing how much they have benefitted from using a chiller over slower less reliable methods, such as just using ice. We have enjoyed seeing how pleased they are with the results. Working with the Tiny Rebel Brewing Company has been very satisfying to me personally and to GalxC as a company”.

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