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Talking hydrocarbon chillers – how will they benefit you?

If your organisation requires a chiller in order for your business to function effectively, you’ll understand how critical it is to keep up with all of the increasingly tightening legislative requirements with regards to refrigerants.  As you’ll probably already be aware, the industry is continually changing, with increasing demands for equipment to be environmentally friendly and to meet the ever-growing legal requirements in respects of emissions.

So what’s the issue with HFCs?  Well as we know, the Montreal Protocol had set a global phase-out to ban CFCs due to their ability to damage the ozone layer.  So it’s great to hear that 197 countries have signed up to the commitment.  However, the use of HFCs presents a further problem in itself.  In fact, it has the potential to undo all of the work that the reduction of CFCs had already done.

Certainly as the phase-out of HFCs grows, so does the demand for reducing energy costs. When it comes to finding alternative refrigerants for use within water chillers, it’s essential to find a solution that’s robust enough to deliver a reliable service and a continuous cooling source.  And certainly, it needs to be an efficient green alternative that’s great for the environment too.

There are certainly three alternatives to the current atypical HFC refrigerant.  You could choose from ammonia, CO2 or hydrocarbon – each of these options will undoubtedly give you a cost-effective alternative.  However, the hydrocarbon refrigerant – particularly the GalxC R290 is a great option if you want a chiller refrigerant that ticks all the boxes for economic and environmental reasons.

For starters, the R290 hydrocarbon benefits from excellent thermodynamics; crucial for your chiller’s long-term productivity.  And in fact, most hydrocarbon chillers perform much better than those with HFC refrigerants.  You can be reassured that they are also compatible with components and lubricants.

When it comes to hydrocarbons, its refrigerant properties, such as discharge temperatures, pressures and pressure ratios are very similar to those of HFC-filled chillers.  Plus, they also benefit from an ability to allow smaller heat exchangers and piping dimensions thanks to a lower refrigerant charge.

Increasingly, many organisations are now realising the potential to be gained by using hydrocarbons within their chiller facilities.  And certainly as a notable example, Waitrose have particularly appreciated the benefits of using GalxC’s water chillers for their water cooled integral refrigeration systems and water secondary refrigeration systems, having installed them over the past few years to meet their demanding needs.

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Should you rent or purchase your next water chiller?

Installing a new system or upgrading your cooling plant can often be the result of unforeseen circumstances, meaning it can severely affect your budget.

When considering whether to rent or buy a new cooling plant, how do you know which is the right solution? What is commercially viable for your business?

To get started, the knowledgeable team at GalxC have put together a quick reference list to help you understand the advantages associated with each solution.

Water Chiller Rental

  • Cost-effective – No frills – with commitment to never being beaten on price.
  • Flexible – Various options are available, such as a trial run of your water chiller before you commit to purchase.
  • Trustworthy – All of our chillers are regularly serviced and installed by our trained engineers for your peace of mind.

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Purchasing a Water Chiller

• Convenient – Purchasing your water chiller from GalxC couldn’t be easier – especially with our new website!

• Advice – Our hands-on team are more than happy to advise you on the most appropriate system for your requirements.

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Need more advice, or want to talk through your specific water chiller needs? Don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 0845 094 2644.

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Water Chillers

It is reasonable to assume that we expect continuous reliability, this is of course until such point when your critical equipment malfunctions. It may develop an intermittent fault or stop operating all together; we all take our water chillers for granted.

However, they plan an integral role in the commercial and industrial applications, and if they’re out of action it can wreak serious havoc with your working conditions or temperature-sensitive equipment.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain and service your cooling plant regularly. To keep your chiller running effectively, it’s also essential to better understand how your unit operates.

To assist with this thought, here are some important facts to consider:

  • Over 24% of energy used in commercial buildings is used for heating, ventilating and cooling (HVAC)
  • Making your cooling systems as efficient as possible can bring down your building maintenance costs
  • The most energy-efficient chillers have lower kW/ton ratings
  • A poorly maintained cooling system can reduce efficiency by up to 35%!
  • Due to material fatigue, the efficiency of your cooling system may be degraded over time. Thanks to technological advancements, it may prove that replacing your cooling system is a more economical solution.
  • Always select the most appropriate chiller size for your application – oversized chillers can result in energy wastage due to poor low-load efficiency.

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Data Centre Cooling From GalxC

From bespoke data centre cooling to a single server IT room, GalxC are able to offer the data centre cooling solution to match your requirements, ensuring maximum cooling capacity with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Our data cooling product range is specifically designed for critical applications from chilled water units and free cooling, to inverter driven DX units and Rack Coolers. Single module units from 2.7kW to 236kW.

For further information on our product range please see Data Centre Cooling Systems section.

What do our data centre cooling systems offer?

• Improved infrastructure for cooling efficiency
• Optimum temperature for efficient running of equipment
• Reduced energy costs

Here at GalxC, we offer tailor-made solutions to ensure we pinpoint the right solution for your particular circumstance and client. For each project we can offer a full turnkey operation, whether you are consulting for a single computer room or a sizable data centre.

See our latest cooling system for data centre turnkey project here.