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GalxC Dry Air Coolers use the ambient air temperature to cool water or a water/glycol mix for many industrial and air conditioning processes. Passing air over the finned heat exchangers cools liquid in the closed-circuit system. Dry air coolers are designed and used to reject heat from air conditioning plant chillers, water cooled variable refrigerant flow units, engines, combined heat power installation and many other applications.

Coolers are mainly used in exchange of wet systems as a replacement to cooling towers and are great power saving coolers. Dry air coolers are available in all different sizes from small 1m length coolers to much larger 13m and are suitable for external application.

We can provide Dry Air Coolers to fit any cooling capacity specification.

  • Highly efficient heat exchange
  • Low noise
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Suitable for outdoor applications

Dry Air Cooler – Installation

We design, supply, install and commission a vast variety of efficient and high-performance ventilation systems and equipment. Our design team and experienced filed engineers are there to meet your requirements and offer solutions.

Free Cooling offers an exceptional option for energy saving where the ambient temperature is lower than the required water temperature. Ideal for industrial processes, close control operations, data cooling and air conditioning applications. Provided as part of a standard cooling system, Dry Air Coolers are operated through a 3-way valve to divert the water flow to the free cooling unit. Controlled by an advanced microprocessor, the flow begins when the ambient temperature reaches a certain level.

After a complete installation of the dry air coolers our technical experts will give you on-going assistance with your product such as the controls of the machine and the best method of using the cooler. We are also on hand in case of emergency offering ongoing assistance and technical support.

Our Services

As well as providing reliable and industry leading dry air coolers we also offer a range of products and services related to chillers and heat pumps. All our products and equipment are available to purchase or hire and have the latest features, please see our product range below:

    • Air cooled process chillers
    • Multi- function units air and water dissipation
    • Water cooled chillers and heat pump systems
    • Water cooled process chillers
    • Condensers
    • DX system
    • Fans Coil Units

Our company policy is to provide an all year-round service to our customers, our aim is to provide customers with a cooler, chiller or heating solution as a part of our package. We offer effective solutions to meet energy efficiencies, power consumption and noise requirements. At GalxC we support cooler systems such as process water chillers, data cooling systems and facilities management, UK wide.

Do you need help selecting the right Dry Air Cooler for your requirements? Then call our technical experts on 0845 094 2644 to discuss your requirements and take advantage of our free, no-obligation site survey and 48-hour quotation service. For full terms and conditions or if you have a request get in touch.

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Our team of experience engineers are standing by waiting to help you with finding the right dry air cooler for your cooling projects requirements. Please do contact us by phone or email and we’d be more than happy to provide any advice or help we can. Look forward to hearing from you.

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I agree to receiving offers and services by email from GalxC

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