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Are you looking for an Industrial Packaged Water Cooled Chiller Solution? Here at GalxC you will only find water cooled chillers that are: efficient, reliable and backed-up with 24/7 emergency service

Industrial Water Cooled Chillers and heat pumps are suitable for a whole range of applications, including:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Process Cooling
  • Data Centre Cooling

GalxC can supply a wide range of water cooled chillers offering flexibility, reliability, efficiency and choice all configured to meet your application and installation requirements.

We can specify any pipework, valve, pumping and water tank requirements you may have.

Clear and effective solutions to meet energy efficiencies, power consumption and noise requirements.

  • Capacity range from 5 kW to 680 kW
  • Using the latest R410A environmentally friendly technology
  • Vibration free options
  • Low noise
  • Highly reliable
  • Energy saving options
  • Indoor & Outdoor applications

Industrial Water Chiller Services

We can help you through the entire life of your chiller. We will help you specify the exact water cooled water chiller for you, we will specify any additional pipework, water tanks etc that you may require, we will make sure that your chiller unit meets your energy efficiency requirements, we will then install your chiller with our expert team of service engineers who will then provide a 24/7 back-up service to keep your chiller going year after year.

Speak to a cooling expert today

If you are looking for an industrial chiller units or units and would like some advice our experienced team will be able to give you advice in picking the right industrial water chiller unit. Please do contact us by phone or email and we’d be more than happy to provide any advice or help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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I agree to receiving offers and services by email from GalxC

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