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Free Cooling

GalxC can help you save energy and OPEX with free cooling and ambient coolers.

‘Free cooling’ is the principle of using an oversized and energy efficient air blast cooler instead of any water chillers when the ambient temperature allows.

The running costs of this special type of air blast cooler are very low compared to the running costs of an equivalent sized capacity water chiller, so the difference in kWh’s saved provides the free cooling.  Free cooling is particularly financially attractive with installations running on continuous basis. The running life of the water chillers should also be extended due to the fact that they will be running for significantly less hours per year.

Very simply, a free cooling air blast cooler/s is connected in the return line to the water chiller plant, within the closed loop primary chilled water system. A three-way valve and a by-pass line are then used to either allow the return water to by-pass the air blast cooler and return directly to the water chillers in normal operation, or; to allow the return water to flow through the air blast cooler for free cooling, if the ambient temperature is low enough. An air thermostat is used to send a signal to the three-way valve to divert the return water flow through the air blast cooler when providing free cooling.   More importantly, the three-way valve is also used to by-pass free cooling during the summer months so that the free coolers do not add heat back into the system when the ambient temperature is above the return water temperature.

Additional savings can also be achieved from the same free coolers through ‘partial free cooling’.

Partial free cooling occurs when the ambient temperature is lower than the chilled water return temperature, but above the design ambient temperature, to gain some percentage of the free cooling, hence providing partial free cooling. Although more difficult to calculate, partial free cooling savings could potentially provide an additional 50% energy saving on top of the full free cooling savings. A more advanced controller is used to compare the ambient temperature and the chilled water return temperature.  This will provide a comparative type control and will optimise free cooling potential.

Ambient Coolers

As well as free cooling, we offer several other types of ambient coolers:

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