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GalxC Cooling offer a complete range of Hydrocarbon Chillers for Process Cooling, Air Conditioning and Critical Cooling Low Temperature Application.

R290 Hydrocarbon Chiller Range

Process Cooling, Air Conditioning and Critical Cooling Low Temperature Application

The HVAC Industry is continually evolving, constantly producing the challenge in keeping up with the ever tightening legislative pressures.

Progressively, the core impact behind this initiative is due to the phase-out of HFC’s refrigerants, alongside the necessity to reduce energy costs.

GalxC high specification Hydrocarbon Chiller systems have proven to be a reliable and continuous cooling source, chiefly designed for critical operation applications. Robustly built, all have been successfully supplied and installed to date, with every plant operating efficiently within a critical cooling environment.

All GalxC Hydrocarbon Chiller installations have resulted in power cost savings. GalxC Hydrocarbon systems are designed to ensure the safe, efficient and effective use of hydrocarbons.

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