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Air conditioning is another one of those things that we take for granted – until it stops working, or becomes inefficient.

However, maintaining offices, public spaces and other building’s critical areas with an optimised ventilation and comfort zone is essential for a healthy working environment, so it’s important to make sure your air conditioning system is serviced regularly.

It may be the case where an upgrade has been carefully considered already, here are the tell-tale signs that signify you may need to replace your air conditioning system sooner rather than later

  • Your air conditioning system is over 20 years old, it may have banned Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), including the ozone-depleting refrigerant gas R22.
  • Do you have a low COP / EER which is currently costing you more than normally expected in energy bills?
  • Higher air conditioning chiller maintenance and servicing costs
  • Your chosen model is being phased out of the market, making spare parts obsolete .

Need an expert opinion on whether your air conditioning system needs some TLC, or on whether it has to be replaced entirely? Our friendly team are more than happy to have an informal chat. Call us on 0845 094 2644 or send an email to

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