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Food production

Temperature control is essential during food production, transport and storage. At GalxC, our engineering team have years of refrigeration, chiller and cooling system experience and the expertise to design, install and maintain the multifaceted systems required by the food industry. Our expertise includes glycol and ammonia systems, cold rooms, blast freezers, condensers and cooling towers.

Cooling food during production

From dairy products to chocolate, meat to mayonnaise, many products need to be kept at a constant temperature during the production and packaging processes. Creating temperature controlled production lines is a key part of our work at GalxC. Working individually with our clients, we create bespoke solutions using off-the-shelf parts. As an example, we might integrate cold room storage solutions with a glycol-based chilled assembly line.

Depending on your needs, different parts of the system might be at very different temperatures and we work hard to ensure that the whole line runs as efficiently as possible, including in terms of power usage, heat contamination and insulation.

Blast freezers

Rapid chilling is an essential part of many food production processes as well as a key element of modern food storage. We offer a range of blast freezers and rapid cooling systems for use both as storage and as part of a production line. Low temperature and super-low temperature systems are available to meet both commercial kitchen and industrial food manufacturing needs.

Cold storage

Creating the perfect environment to store supplies and the finished product is essential. Our climate-controlled rooms are designed to maintain an exact temperature throughout the room, ensuring that your products and materials are all kept at the correct temperature during their whole stay in the facility. We use a range of technologies to create our cold storage, including glycol, DX, brine and ammonia systems. The way you use your system is key to our design.

As as an example, cold storage may be installed as an independent unit; as a goods-inwards depot; as part of a production line; or as a final warehousing solution for finished products. In each case, the type and frequency of access needed changes, and this changes how the room should best be set up to ensure productivity is high without compromising thermal control.

Food safety engineers

Ensuring the integrity of your food production and packaging line is at the core of what we do. By creating reliable, easy to use temperature control systems, we let you keep the temperature of your ingredients and products at precise levels that you set. Whether you’re deep freezing fruit for off-season use, creating a chilled pipeline for transporting dairy or need a jacketed mixer to prevent chocolate from seizing, we have the experience and expertise to create the solutions you need.

Working at every scale, from a small cold room in a restaurant kitchen through to large production lines which are fully temperature controlled, we create the right solution for every client. Contact GalxC today to discuss your particular situation and your company’s unique needs

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