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How does Glycol benefit your Cooling System?

Glycol fulfils an essential requirement to ensure the ultimate performance and the reduction of added maintenance costs of your cooling system. As part of a new email series, we’ll be sharing key information about the importance of maintaining a balanced fluid system within cooling or heating plant, allowing you to select the most suitable solution for your system.

Today, we’re dealing with glycol in cooling systems, and in our follow-up emails we will be sharing more information about glycol for heating applications and anti-corrosion, before finally revealing more details about our exclusive glycol solution.

Why is a glycol solution used in cooling systems?

In your system, a heat exchanger allows the transfer of heat between the liquid coolant (often water) and the refrigerant liquid. This refrigerant’s temperature is usually 6-7°C lower than the water temperature, allowing heat to flow and the liquid refrigerant to evaporate. If the refrigerant liquid is below 0°C or your water temperature below 6°C, it puts the water at danger of freezing, obstructing the evaporator and preventing coolant flow. This can cause permanent, irreversible damage.

The surrounding ambient temperature also plays a part here – even if your water temperature is high enough for the refrigerant liquid not to be anywhere near 0°C, if the ambient temperature drops below 0°C you run the same risk of freezing and irreversible damage.

Glycol is used in Heat Transfer Fluids (inhibited anti-freeze), and is suitable for multi-metal closed chilled water systems. Adding glycol to your coolant reduces the freezing point of the water, allowing the water to be efficiently cooled whilst also preventing any risk or damage to your chiller.

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