Hire Product Category: Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners

CoolBreeze 35E

The CoolBreeze 35E portable air conditioner delivers 10.25kW (35,000BTU) of cooling power. Probably the most powerful unit that works reliably off a 13A UK circuit. it is a very efficient and extremely well built portable air conditioning unit. It is easy to use, robust and portable unit capable of producing large volumes of cool air. Due to its immense air moving system the unit is capable of working and cooling at almost any remote location – making it probably the most versatile unit currently available in the U.K. Maximum Exhaust Duct Length: 10m.

CoolBreeze 28E

A slightly upgraded version of the CoolBreeze 27E. This unit was introduced in 2016 and will take over as the replacement for the medium sized industrial portable air conditioning unit. The CoolBreeze 28E provides an increased cooling capacity with a reduction in the overall size of the unit.

CoolBreeze 20E

The CoolBreeze 20E Portable Air Conditioner delivers 5.9kW of Air Con power, It is easy to install and use and capable of Air Conditioning larger areas. Maximum Exhaust Duct Length: 10m. Maximum Cold Air Duct Length: 10m.

CoolAir 15

The CoolAir 15 Portable Air Conditioner is more powerful the CoolAir 14, producing a credible 4.4kW of Air Con cooling. This Air Conditioner is simple to install and operate. Exhaust Duct Length: 2.5m.

CoolAir 14

The CoolAir 14 is a very popular portable air-conditioner. Small and compact, this model unit has a smart modern look and is very easy to install and use, despite its size it produces a very powerful 4.1kW (14000 BTU) of portable air-conditioning, it also has a fully automatic thermostat and comes complete with a remote control.