Hire Product Category: Split Type Air Conditioners

CoolBreeze 50B

The CoolBreeze 50B is unique in the portable air conditioning world. This unit utilizes a 32A power supply in order to provide a massive 14.6kW of cooling whilst keeping footprint to a minimum. Specifically designed for use in server and comms rooms this air conditioner offers all the advantages of a standard PAC22 split type unit with double the cooling output.

CoolBreeze 25P

Combining a quiet and powerful room cooling unit, with a remote condenser capable of operating up to 35 metres distance, the CoolBreeze 25P provides the user with 7.3kW (25,000 BTU) of cooling to be positioned exactly where needed. Easy to connect and extend, small diameter non-leak water-filled flexible line connections, allow this unit to operate as installed air conditioning, giving highly efficient room cooling.

CoolBreeze 25B

The CoolBreeze 25B is designed in such a manner to allow the heat that is removed from the environment (room) concerned to be absorbed by water and returned in a continuous operation. This system has the advantage of being a “pure” air conditioning unit where there is no condenser de-rating and the medium used for transfer is normal water, not refrigerant, so there is no “non-green” effect. An added benefit is that the water pipes are flexible and small and therefore can be easily used up to 35 metres (approx 100 feet). The outside water condenser is very strong and contains a special air to water coil and powerful cooling fan (which also disperses any condensate removed from the environment concerned).

CoolBreeze 22P

The PAC22 portable air-conditioning unit delivers a huge 6.5kW (22,000 BTU) of cooling power. This is a larger and more powerful water cooled Split portable air-conditioning system. There are two parts to the system, the room unit and the external condenser unit, The two are connected by a flexible hose. The smaller condenser unit can be placed up to 30 metres from the room unit.

CoolBreeze 15P

The CoolBreeze 15P portable air-conditioner delivers a powerful 4.4kW (15,000BTU) of cooling power. This unit is a very efficient water-cooled Split portable air-conditioner. There are two parts to this model, the room unit and the external condenser unit. The two units are connected by a flexible hose. By connecting to multiple hoses the smaller condenser unit can be placed up to 30 metres from the room unit.