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The microbrewery industry is undoubtedly a growing industry, with many individuals taking their home brewing to a new level.  Certainly there are over 1100 breweries of varying sizes in existence in the UK today.  As more and more individuals are looking to set up their own microbrewery facilities, they’re also looking to find the most effective and efficient solutions for chilling and processing their beer.

If you’re operating a microbrewery yourself, you’ll appreciate how important it is to have facilities that have the ability to chill quickly and accurately but also to meet all necessary environmental legislation’s, plus adhering to any health and safety standards too.

With microbreweries, several factors need to be considered when choosing chiller equipment.  First of all, it needs to be effective; it needs to be as economical as possible.  Secondly you’ll need it to be reliable, and if it isn’t robust enough, there’s a high chance of failure when it comes to processing your brew.  Equally you’ll want to choose equipment that can be maintained with ease.  It goes without saying that it needs to be cost-effective too.

Perhaps you’re looking to only brew a small amount of barrels or maybe much more than this.  Either way, you need to be confident that you’re choosing the right supplier to meet the individual needs of your microbrewery.

Certainly the clue to the ideal brew is down to the right temperature control, so it makes sound sense to get the right equipment in-house first.  When it comes to chiller facilities, a glycol chiller will undoubtedly give you the capability to brew the high quality result that you’re aiming to achieve.

With such a specialist industry involved, it’s vital that you find a supplier who will understand the specific needs within the industry and be able to advise on the best chiller to suit.  Securing the right temperature for chillers is absolutely critical for microbreweries, and also that they have the ability to provide maintenance as and when you need it; avoiding any delay which could be potentially disastrous to your brewery.  Gone are the days of relying on banks of ice as this has the potential to delay brewing by many days.  Have a look at the experience that Tiny Rebel Brewery found by installing GalxC chillers within their microbrewery.

To discuss chiller facilities for your microbrewery, get in touch.

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