MPE chillers

MPE chillers are ideal as a packaged water chiller with its own integral pump and tank.  MPE can be configured to suit multiple applications with pump only chiller, single pump chiller, dual pump chiller, twin pump chiller, low pressure pump chiller, high pressure pump chiller as well as many other design options which allow the chiller user to get the best cooling with smart and easy to use controls.

The MPE range uses R410A refrigerant, which assures high levels of performance with relatively low energy consumption and features 25 models in the chiller and heat pump version.

The electronic control system allows the setpoint to be adjusted automatically according to the outdoor temperature in order to reduce consumption and broaden the working temperature range. The unit can also function in systems with a low water content, even without the use of a water buffer tank, thanks to the automatic adjustment which limits the number of compressor starts and thus extends the life of the compressors themselves.

Advanced chiller technology

  • Technology: Multi-scroll compressors

  • Refrigerant: R410a

  • Solution: Air cooled

  • Integral pump and tank

  • Electronic controller

  • BMS interface

  • Remote control panel

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