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Plastics and packaging production

Plastics and related materials require precise temperature control during manufacture. The problem is compounded when packaging is being created for temperature sensitive products, such as foods, beverages and medicines. At GalxC, our expert refrigeration engineers design, install and maintain systems which allow you to control the exact temperature throughout the manufacturing process, raising or lowering it as needed. As each company has its own unique needs, we are accustomed to creating affordable and effective bespoke solutions, often using off-the-shelf products.

Cold room production spaces

In some cases, the most effective way to maintain an even, low temperature, it to set all or part of the production line in a cold room. We build and install chiller systems to maintain low or super-low temperatures throughout the space. This may use traditional refrigeration technologies, ammonia, DX, brine or glycol systems or a combination, depending on the exact needs of the customer.

Chilled production line segments

A more common solution is to chill part or all of the production line. Our glycol systems are a popular choice for plastics and packaging manufacture as they allow excellent control over the exact temperature of surfaces, pipes, storage tanks and machines. Combined with related technologies, such as insulating jackets and blast freezers, it’s possible to ensure that your entire production line maintains a precise temperature, whatever the weather outside.

Conversely, for many plastics and packaging manufacturers, it’s essential to have different temperatures for different parts of the process – one temperature for material in the pipe, for example, and another for recently extruded plastic. By treating each element separately, yet never losing sight of the over-arching needs of the production line, we’re able to offer solutions that improve efficiency and reduce wastage by allowing you full temperature control at key stages.

Rapid cooling

Blast freezers are often associated with food storage, but the technologies can be used to create rapid cooling areas in almost any space. Rapid cooling is often needed to increase the speed of a production line; to temper plastics or metals; to bring additional materials into line with production line temperatures; and to counteract the heat produced or needed by a process.

Improving the efficiency of your blast freezers can speed up your production line as well as reducing wastage during the production of temperature sensitive materials. Blast freezers can also be used for end product storage, which is ideal if your manufacturing process includes both creating the packaging and its contents.

The technology you need

Over our many years in the industry, the GalxC team have developed an in-depth knowledge of the off-the-shelf and bespoke cooling systems on the market. We put this expertise into action every day as we design, install, maintain and upgrade systems for our clients. We work with a wide range of cooling products and systems, from central cooling plants and large-scale glycol chillers to individual low temperature storage units and blast freezers. Contact GalxC today to find out how we can help improve your production process.

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