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13-36kW DX rack coolers combined with external motocondensing units

Technology: Precise hygrothermal control


Solution: Cooling small-to-medium size Data Center racks where precision control of temperature and humidity is required 24/7

Cooling: Sensor Blower

Heating: n/a


  1. Evaporating coil treated with hydrophilic coating
  2. High IT power density
  3. Humidify/dehumidify function
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Product Details

The rack coolers in the HiRef NRCV range offer an ideal solution for cooling small-to-medium size Data Center racks where precision control of temperature and humidity is required 24/7. They are particularly suitable for small installations where a chiller cannot be used or where restrictions do not allow for the presence of water in the Data Center. Internal design and component selection focus on the achievement of very high energy efficiency levels to minimise running costs of the entire system. Depending on how rack cooling is done – by creating hot and cold aisles in the Data Center or via compartmentalisation and localised cooling – the NRCV range is available in two different configurations: – the “In Rack” configuration in which a closed circuit between rack cooler and rack is created; -the “In Row” configuration in which cold air is released into the cold aisle towards each rack and the hot air is drawn from the rack cooler in the “hot aisle”. Hiref Sensor Blower® allows air temperature measurement in the hot aisle (unit return) with the fans off; this ensures fast restoration of the set-point, precision control of temperature and, above all, avoids wasteful use of electricity. As cooling demand varies, the integrated microprocessor allows combined modulation of air flow – via control of the EC fans (as standard) – and cooling capacity, via speed control of the DC inverter compressors (as standard). This ensures not only precise adjustment of ambient hygrothermal parameters but also maximum energy savings at partial loads. All the models in the NRCV range feature heat exchange coils with hydrophilic coating of the fins. This special coating – together with proper design of air through-flow speeds – eases condensate collection during dehumidification , thus avoiding the serious risk of droplets being drifted outside the unit . The internal design and the special component layout allows for an evaporating coil with an extensive heat exchange surface area. The unit footprint remains small, ensuring optimal use of space in the server room.

Technical Characteristics

  1. High performance
  2. BLDC Twin Rotary compressors as standard
  3. Electronic expansion valve as standard
  4. EC fans as standard
  5. Humidify/dehumidify function
  6. Refrigeration connections from unit top or bottom
  7. Dual stainless steel condensate drain pan