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Air Blast Cooler

Technology: Outdoor air vs. refrigeration

Refrigerant: (need glycol antifreeze)

Solution: Air Cooled

Cooling: As required

Heating: n/a


  1. Free energy cooling
  2. Flat bed horizontal/vertical
  3. V-Type
  4. Multiple Fans
  5. EC Fans
  6. Electrical Control panels
  7. Fan Cycling Controllers
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I agree to receiving offers and services by email from Galxc

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Product Details

GalxC offers a huge range of free coolers for multiple process cooling and data-centre applications.

GalxC Coil Dry Air Coolers are used for Energy Saving Free Cooling

FREE COOLING for water cooling applications is achievable for most of the year for many applications using Dry Air Coolers. The Dry Air Cooler is arranged in series with the refrigeration water chiller, As the return water is pre-cooled by the Dry Air Cooler the load on chiller and power consumption is reduced. Energy savings are immediate when the ambient is 1° C below the return water temperature to the chiller and increase as the ambient reduces to a point where 100 % FREE COOLING is achieved by the Dry Air Cooler.

Fast pay back – year round energy saving.

Package Specification:
The free cooling package is designed to reduce the installation time on site by providing integrated controls and diverting valve for Energy Saving Free Cooling applications when used with Inverter Fan Speed Control.

The package comprises of:

  • 3 Way Diverting Valve with 24 V Actuator
  • Balancing Valve
  • Carel IR33 Differential Ambient / Water Inlet Temperature Controller to control Diverting Valve
  • Free Cooling active lamp
  • Volt Free – Free Cooling Active indication
  • Volt Free – Inverter Trip indication
  • Volt Free – Fan Fault indication
  • All fitted and wired to the Dry Air Cooler

Specifications can be tailored to suit each application, with different materials, sizes, noises and cooling mediums available.

Please ask us about your project and we will be pleased to provide our proposal with your individually selected technical specifications.