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Air Blast Coolers

Technology: Fan/s and large cooling coil block

Refrigerant: (need glycol antifreeze)

Solution: Air cooled

Cooling: As required

Heating: n/a


  1. Flat bed horizontal/vertical
  2. V-type
  3. Multiple fans
  4. EC fans
  5. Electrical control panels
  6. Fan cycling controllers
  7. Low energy
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I agree to receiving offers and services by email from Galxc

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Product Details

GalxC offers a huge range of air blast coolers for multiple-applications for both industrial and air conditioning applications.

Our range of Dry Air Coolers and Air Blast Radiators are designed for commercial and industrial fluid cooling applications. We offer a wide range of options enabling us to provide the most cost-effective solution for your cooling requirement.
Standard arrangements include flat-bed vertical or horizontal airflow with V and W configurations to offer the smallest footprint.

Whether your application is cooling water / glycol for water cooled chillers, injection moulding machines, furnace equipment, CHP Engine Cooling or any other process. One or more of our units can be selected to give the most cost-effective solution to suit your space and noise requirement.

Energy saving free cooling is possible for much of the year for many applications.

The wetted surface – Adiabatic Cooling option enables water to be cooled to within 6 °C of ambient wet bulb, water is used to increase the cooling effect when the ambient dry bulb is 3°C above the design wet bulb – for most of the year the unit operates as a conventional air blast cooler.

Specifications can be tailored to suit each application, with different materials, sizes, noises and cooling mediums available.

Please ask us about your project and we will be pleased to provide our proposal with your individually selected technical specifications.