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Air Handling Unit

Technology: Modular build AHU

Refrigerant: n/a

Solution: Cooled by chiller

Cooling: As required

Heating: As required


  1. Custom built units
  2. Eurovent certification
  3. Integrated controls
  4. Control software
  5. Monitoring system
  6. Insulated panels 25-100mm
  7. Polyurethane panels
  8. Mineral wool panels
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Product Details

CT Series is a modular build range of air handling units 1,000 to 150,000 m3/h with multiple configuration build solutions, ideal for air conditioning applications with GalxC chillers or other manufactured products.

The series CT includes 39 dimensions calibrated according to the “vital” components (coils, filters, humidifiers).

The configuration of the handling unit can be freely obtained by combining 35 different basic sections, with numerous variations and accessories.

The configurations produced with the selection software are able to satisfy the vast majority of uses.
This does not exclude the possibility that, due to constraints regarding dimensions or specific parts, the handling units may be used with non-standard dimensions and features.

Complete and comprehensive technical data are attached to the quotations and the subsequent order confirmations.
Each production phase requires specific controls, in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

All components, whether manufactured by us or by subcontractors, undergo preliminary quality checks.
The finished product undergoes a complete dimensional and component inspection.