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Estro Wall-mounted Fan Coil Units

Technology: ABS centrifugal fans

Refrigerant: n/a

Solution: Wall mounted cooling

Cooling: 1 - 11 kW

Heating: n/a


  1. Reversible water connections
  2. Eurovent certification
  3. Steel/ABS cabinet
  4. ABS centrifugal fans
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Product Details

Estro is the most complete range of fan coil units on the market. For the Estro project we selected top quality materials which, together with the great care and attention dedicated to the assembly of the main constructive components, make the Estro fan coil units highly reliable from a performance standpoint while minimising noise levels.

Cabinet composed of a steel sheet panel, side panels and air outlet grille built from ABS. High efficiency heat exchanger made with copper piping and aluminium fins. Double suction centrifugal fans manufactured from anti-static ABS, with blades having an airfoil section and offset modules. 3 or 6-speed electrical motor, mounted on vibration damping couplings. Washable air filter, easily removable for maintenance operations. Control panels available as accessory.