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Hydrocore HC Chillers

Technology: Semi-hermetic compressors

Refrigerant: R290

Solution: Air cooled

Cooling: 300 - 800

Heating: n/a


  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. High energy efficiency
  3. Hydrocarbon refrigerant
  4. Screw, semi or scroll compressor versions
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Product Details

R290 Semi-hermetic compressors with electronic protection within standard (HC) built units.


Self-supporting frame made of galvanized steel and protected with polyester powder paint.


Brazed plate heat exchanger with two independent refrigeration circuits and one water circuit in HC / HCSL / HCS units. Evaporators are insulated with flexible close – cells lining. A differential pressure switch installed as a standard for added safety.


An advanced aluminium microchannel design, with ultimate performance and reduced refrigerant content / internal volume. A robust V shaped structured with easy, user-friendly access for servicing.


Using the latest technology AC axial fans with thermal overload protection and speed control by means of electronic voltage regulator, IP54.

Noise Level

H – Standard version

L – Low noise version – compressors in sound jackets, low speed condenser fans (or fans with low noise level), available in VC series

Refrigeration Circuit

Each unit contain a single, two or four independent refrigeration circuits. Each circuit is equipped with filter drier, sight glass, electronic expansion valve, service valves. Protection devices – high pressure switch, low pressure switch, anti-freeze protection.

Power / Control

Resistant to atmospheric conditions, protection class IP 54. Main components: emergency switch, main fuses, contactors of the compressors, contactors and fuses of the fans, auxiliary transformer and microprocessor controller.

Model designation example:

HC 300 S H P X

1 2 3 4 5 6

1 – Series

2 – Size

3 – Compressor Type

4 – Noise level version

5 – Hydraulic module 

Hydraulic Module

P / 2P, PH / 2PH

Basic hydraulic kit includes single pump – P or double pump- 2P (the other pump is a standby one), expansion vessel, pressure gauge, safety valve, shut-off valve. PH – pump with higher head pressure. Piping is insulated.

ZP / Z2P, ZPH/ Z2PH Version with a basic hydraulic kit P/2P and an insulated inertial storage tank. Available for VC series units.

Optional Equipment

E – EC Fans

I – Inverter for Fan Speed Control

C – Real-time clock card

R – RS 485 card for Modbus comm.

M – HP, LP pressure gauges

A – Anti-vibration Mounts

O – Heat Recovery (partial)

B – Side Protection Panels

P – Plant Watch Pro-remote monitoring

T – Shell & Tube Evaporators (for VC units)

X – Other

Compressors Options

  • HC – Semi-Hermetic
  • HCSL – Scroll
  • HCS – Screw 

*(performance based upon 15°C / 20°C / 25°C – please contact GalxC for exact performance for your project application)