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LCX Chillers

Technology: Multi-scroll compressors

Refrigerant: R410a

Solution: Air cooled

Cooling: 450

Heating: 590


  1. Integral pump and tank
  2. Multi-scroll compressor/s
  3. Electronic controller
  4. BMS interface
  5. Remote control panel
  6. Free cooling version
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I agree to receiving offers and services by email from Galxc

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Product Details

LCX range of chillers are highly versatile superb chiller, suitable for both industrial cooling and air conditioning applications.

The main feature of the new LCX design is its extremely wide range: the 18 models that comprise it can be built as chiller, free cooling, or heat pump versions, in 3 different acoustic configurations, and cover a range of Eurovent performance from 40 to 360 kW.

The possibility of setting up different cooling circuits in units of the same power means being able to personalize efficiency levels under full or part load conditions, with different designs to offer the following:

  1. 2 circuits x 2 compressors – The dual circuit-dual compressor models provide high efficiency values under full load (EER and COP).
  2. 1 circuit x 2 compressors – The solution of using two compressors in a single cooling circuit increases efficiency under part load conditions, reaching ESEER/ SEER and SCOP values greater than 4.
  3. 2 circuits x 4 compressors – 4 compressors enable the unit to output power in 4 steps and adapt perfectly to the actual thermal load of the system, while reducing starting currents.

Complete hydronic kits can be incorporated within the units without modifying their size and you have the option of choosing the water circulation pump.  All units, irrespective of type of construction, are equipped with electronic expansion valves to maximize efficiency under part load conditions.

*(performance based upon 15°C / 20°C / 25°C – please contact GalxC for exact performance for your project application)