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LEW 50-680kW Water Cooled Chiller and Heat Pump

Technology: Multi-scroll compressors

Refrigerant: R410a

Solution: Water cooled

Cooling: 750

Heating: 900


  1. Remote condenser option
  2. Scroll compressor/s
  3. Electronic controller
  4. Remote control panel
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Product Details

WATER/WATER CHILLERS AND HEAT PUMPS cover a range of Eurovent performance from 50 to 680 kW are ideal for both industrial cooling and air conditioning.

The LEW units are developed in a completely enclosed version for a low noise operation making it possible to install them in non-segregated environments. They are characterized by a rounded shape contributing to an attractive appearance. The use of R410A as refrigerating fluid and top-quality components for the cooling, hydraulic and electric systems guarantees high technical level of the LEW units of the chillers in terms of efficiency, reliability and reduced noise levels.


  • Chiller cooling only, dissipation with well or mains water
  • Chiller cooling only, dissipation with cooling tower water or dry cooler
  • Reversible heat pump
  • Irreversible heat pump


The possibility of setting up different cooling circuits in units of the same power means being able to personalise efficiency levels under full or part load conditions.

  • Dual circuit / dual compressor: The dual circuit-dual compressor models provide high efficiency values under full load (EER and COP).
  • Single circuit / dual compressor: The solution of using two compressors in a single cooling circuit increases efficiency under part load conditions, reaching ESEER values greater than 4.
  • Single circuit / three compressors: The best solution for applications demanding cost-effectiveness and efficiency under part load conditions
  • Dual circuit / 4 compressors: 4 compressors enable the unit to output power in 4 steps and adapt perfectly to the actual thermal load of the system. The redundancy of cooling circuits and compressors is a guarantee of reliability.


  • Standard execution
  • Low-Noise execution for a low noise impact

 *(performance based upon 15°C / 20°C / 30°C – please contact GalxC for exact performance for your project application)