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3.6-7.9kW Mini Rack

Technology: Brushless DC inverter driven compressor

Refrigerant: R410A



Heating: n/a


  1. Compatible with any 19" upright rack
  2. EC electronic ventilation
  3. Occupies the space of 7 rack units
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Product Details

The units in the MRAC family offer an ideal solution for cooling 19” racks, which require precise internal temperature control and 24/7 operation. They come in a split configuration with an outdoor motocondensing R410A unit, with the BLDC modulating compressor version providing a cooling capacity of up to 8 kW. One of the key strengths of the MRAC range is the compactness of the units: the MRAC takes up the space of just 7 rack units. Ventilation is exclusively of the EC type, ensuring efficient air flow adjustment. In applications where continuous, reliable operation is essential, it is possible to use a version with two outdoor motocondensing units to maximise unit redundancy. MRAC is controlled by dedicated software that allows LAN connection of up to 8 units and interfacing with an automatic door opening system in the event of an alarm.

Technical Characteristics

  1. Coil with high efficiency fins with hydrophilic coating and aluminium structure
  2. Version for low outdoor temperatures available
  3. Compressor with brushless inverter technology available for the 7 kW version
  4. EC fans as standard
  5. AISI 430 stainless steel condensate drain pan
  6. Electrical/microprocessor quick connections
  7. Fully insulated panelling
  8. Refrigerant connections from bottom
  9. RAL 7016 colour
  10. G3 air filter