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PCC 3-40kW Industrial Process Water Chiller

Technology: Inverter Driven

Refrigerant: R410


Cooling: <3 degrees

Heating: >40 degrees


  1. Dry Cooler Option
  2. Ultra Low Noise
  3. BLDC Compressor
  4. Free Cooling
  5. Integral By-Pass
  6. Fill & Vent Tank
  7. Internal Flow Switch
  8. Integral 3 Bar Inverter Driven Pump
  9. Integral Buffer Tanks
  10. Electronic Expansion Valve
  11. User Friendly Controller
  12. Inlet & Outlet Ball Valves
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Product Details

The PCC H20 water cooled chiller prototype, is our latest addition into the GalxC Innovation-Now initiative which essentially, identifies niche market requirements for unique or specific design characteristics, thus providing a most innovative low carbon, energy efficient state-of-the-art solution.