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Pump And Tank Sets

GalxC offers a range of pump and tank sets which we build for each project application.  Our engineering team will discuss and develop a tailored solution to provide suitable flow, pressure and thermal buffer for the cooling system to work effectively and efficiently, whilst protecting the operation life of the chiller plant.

We have years of fluid cooling experience of chilled water and glycol systems applications and we will scope the solution which best meets our clients' needs.  Please contact us to find out more.

Built to suit site specifications

  • Packaged pump tank sets

  • Suitable for water | glycol | drinks | dairy | chemicals specialised fluids

  • Range of pump sizes and pressures

  • Valves and fittings

  • Buffer tanks

  • Low loss headers

  • Heat exchangers

  • Inter-connecting pipework

  • Insulation

  • Stainless | ABS | Copper | Galv | PVC

  • Electrical control panels

  • Interconnection wiring

  • Inverter driven

  • BMS interface

  • Mechanical and electrical commissioning

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