SCX chillers

SCX is the new series of air-cooled heat pumps and chillers designed to meet the requirements of efficiency, configurability, reliability, and ease of maintenance.  The series comprises 22 models with cooling capacities ranging from 80 to 360 kW. They are available both in models with a cooling function only and in models with heat pump operation. The finned block heat exchanger is generously sized to optimize operation as both evaporator and condenser by type of fin and circuit.

The solution of a single heat exchanger with delivered power of up to 160 kW was adopted due to the complete accessibility to the internal water and cooling circuit for the periodic inspection and maintenance operations.

The solution of a single heat exchanger makes it possible to reduce the space necessary for the installation of the units.


The electric axial fans with blades with an exclusive aerodynamic profile (HyBlade®) are characterized by extraordinary aeraulic and acoustic performance and represent the current state of the art for axial fans. The AxiTop® diffuser allows fan efficiency to be further increased with benefits in terms of noise level (together with condensation control) and unit efficiency.

The SCX design adopts innovative solutions in the use and arrangement of the hydronic kits internal components, which is simplified to reduce the number of connections and minimize the water side head loss inside the machine.

Every model is completely configurable with a choice of control, hydraulic, acoustic, and heat recovery options that do not result in any change to the dimensions

Advanced chiller technology

  • Technology: Multi-scroll compressors

  • Refrigerant: R410a

  • Solution: Air cooled

  • Integral pump and tank

  • Fully Configurable Unit

  • HyBlade Axial Fans

  • Remote connectivity

  • Incorporable hydronic kits

  • Solution for high efficiency at partial load

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