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Industrial Chiller Maintenance

When you choose GalxC, you can expect a professional and high level chiller maintenance service on-time, every time. With no contract tie-in, no advance payment and invoicing only following satisfactory engineer visits, we are the cost-effective and quality choice for chiller maintenance. GalxC Cooling are leading the delivery of chiller maintenance solutions for cooling systems;

Service Support
Planned Chiller Maintenance
Glycol & Water Maintenance

Chiller Maintenance Support

Chiller Maintenance from GalxC Cooling offers you and your business the following benefits:

Keeps your business operational with reduced downtime
24/7 UK coverage, with a single hourly rate
Service Level Agreements designed to meet individual business needs and cover critical processes, from 2-24hour call outs
Covers equipment supplied byGalxC and third party equipment
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Planned Chiller Maintenance

GalxC provide regular ongoing Chiller Service and Maintenance, helping to meet your cost and budget requirements through extending the lifetime of your systems. Benefits include:

Recommended planned maintenance schedules
Advice for insurance purposes e.g. fitting pressure release valves to pressurised systems as a part of planned repair or maintenance
Maintain peace of mind with our support packages

Water and Glycol Maintenance

No project is too small for the expert chiller maintenance team at GalxC. We know that sometimes even the smallest piece of equipment can be critical to your process, and left neglected can cause major problems.

We offer first class Water and Glycol Maintenance products made to ISO specifications. GalxC provide full technical support across the UK, including cleaning and chlorination services, risk assessments, equipment and technical expertise.

At GalxC we pride ourselves on our professional service, practical expertise and ability to select the most cost-effective solution to meet our customers’ needs. To find out more about GalxC or to discuss your chiller service requirements with our technical experts, simply contact us now.

Speak to a cooling expert today

If you would like more information regarding our chiller maintenance service, our team of experienced engineers are standing by waiting to help you with your cooling requirements. Please contact us by phone or email and we’d be more than happy to provide any advice or help we can. Look forward to hearing from you.

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I agree to receiving offers and services by email from GalxC

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