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GalxC Cool-Flo MP is the food approved heat transfer fluid rom the Cool-Flo range. GalxC Cool-Flo MP is designed for (and is extensively used in) in food industries, due to its GRAS status as it is classed as non-toxic.

GalxC Cool-Flo MP contains multi-metal corrosion inhibitors and anti-scale/dispersion products to protect chiller systems against corrosion and scale, thus allowing maximum heat transfer efficiency. GalxC Cool-Flo MP is based on propylene glycol and has excellent frost protection characteristics.

Please refer to our technical information for further information.

GalxC Cool-Flo MP is usually diluted in chilled systems with de-mineralised, softened or good quality drinking water depending on the system metallurgy and operating conditions.

Recommended Applications
Due to the low toxicity and broad temperature range of GalxC Cool-Flo MP, the product is suitable for use in a wide variety of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, especially in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Typical Properties (as drummed)

Appearance         :  Green or Clear liquid
Density                  :   1.054. – 1.058
Volatility               :  Non volatile
pH Value               :  6.5 – 8.0

GalxC Cool-Flo MP is packed in 20ltr & 200ltr non-returnable drums or in intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) of 1,000 kgs. GalxC Cool-Flo MP should be stored in cool, dry conditions and drums should be kept sealed.

Why choose GalxC Cool-Flo MP?

GalxC Cool-Flo MP is a propylene glycol-based fluid that contains a specially formulated package of industrial inhibitors that help prevent corrosion. Because propylene glycol fluids have low acute oral toxicity, GalxC Cool-Flo MP is often used in applications where contact with food or beverage products could occur.
Specific applications for GalxC Cool-Flo MP include:
·         Cooling liquid foods.
·         Packaging carbonated beverages.
·         Fermentation cooling.
·         Process heating.
·         Solar heating.
·         Available Nationwide

System Protection and Heat Transfer Efficiency
Maintaining clean heat transfer systems allows for a high operating efficiency. Scale and rust build up acts as a powerful insulator against the transfer of heat and drastically reduces system efficiency.  The corrosion inhibitors in this product give reliable and lasting protection against corrosion and scaling to all metals common in heat transfer systems.

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