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F-Gas Regulations

On the 4th July 2006, the F-Gas regulation became law and was effective from 4th July 2007. As of July 2011 all businesses must hold a Full F-Gas Company Certificate.

The primary objective of the F-Gas regulation is to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (including HFC’s) which are covered by the Kyoto protocol by:

  • containment, and
  • responsible use.

The F-gas regulation does not aim to reduce emissions through imposing bans.

The Regulation involves direct responsibilities for:

  • Equipment Operators
  • Contractors – Installation, Service and Maintenance
  • HFC Producers, Importers and Exporters
  • Equipment Manufacturers

Operator Definition: The operator is the natural or legal person who exercises actual power over the technical functioning of the equipment and systems.

A key consideration when identifying the operator will be the way in which responsibilities for managing equipment are arranged, who exercises actual power over its functioning and what actual power means in practice. In most circumstances the ‘Operator’ will be the person or legal person (typically a company) responsible for giving instructions to its employees as to the day to day technical functioning of the equipment.

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