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GalxC provides an extensive range of cooling equipment and solutions for air conditioning applications (also known as HVAC). 

We offer chillers, heat pumps, air handling units, CRAC, telecoms units, remote condensers, ducted chillers and many other products for air conditioning and temperature control environments from industrial factories, offices, hotels, buildings, supermarkets, leisure centres etc.

Our equipment is energy efficient, quiet, compact with alternative green clean refrigerants and many different design options.

Please contact us for more information about air conditioning equipment and solutions.

Air Conditioning Solutions (HVAC)

Empty Factory


  • Cooling

  • Heating

  • Production areas

  • Offices

  • Conference and board room

  • Warehouse

  • Quality laboratory

  • Chilled areas

  • Chillers

  • Heat pumps

  • Air handling units (AHU's)

  • Cooling and fresh air

  • Pipe work

  • Ducted cold air

  • Free cooling

  • Central system

data centre

Data Centres

  • Cooling

  • Highly energy efficient

  • Computer room air conditioning (CRAC)

  • Telecoms units

  • Close control units (CCU)

  • Free coolers

  • Chillers

  • Optimised cooling

  • Low noise

  • Server room cooling

  • Down-flow - vertical - horizontal air-flow

  • Pipework installation

Looking Up at Skyscrapers

Offices & Hotels

  • Cooling and heating

  • Chillers and heat pumps

  • Fan coils

  • Terminal units

  • Air handling units (AHU's)

  • Fresh or chilled air

  • Low noise

  • Small foot print

  • BMS interface

  • User controls

  • High energy efficiency

  • Package solution

Filling the Shopping Basket


  • Cooling and heating

  • Rooftop units

  • Remote condensers

  • Heat pump chillers

  • Low GWP refrigerants

  • Air handling units (AHU's)

  • Water cooled or air cooled

  • Ducted air chillers

  • Free cooling chillers

  • Compact units

  • Remote monitoring and controls

Empty Gym

Sports centres

  • Heating

  • Cooling

  • Swimming pool heating

  • Humidity control

  • Air handling units

  • Fresh or cooled air

  • Chillers and heat pumps

  • Reverse cycle

  • Multi-pipe polyvalent heat pumps

White Brick House

Prestige homes

  • Room temperature control

  • Cooling

  • Heating

  • Heat pumps (air source)

  • Reverse cycle energy efficiency

  • Ducted air flow

Data centre cooling application
Offices & Hotels
Sports centres
Prestigue homes
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