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Industrial Chillers

GalxC provides an extensive range of industrial chillers to businesses across the UK from 0.5kW up to MW packages. Manufactured to industrial specifications, including fluid chillers, glycol chillers, packaged chillers, central chillers, and industrial chillers all suitable for process cooling of manufacturing processes both direct and indirect, as well as machinery cooling and laboratory chillers, plus low temperature chillers.  We also offer central chilled water systems, oil coolers, immersed coil chillers and temperature controllers. GalxC has the perfect solution for your cooling requirements.

Please contact our chiller sales, service and hire teams for more information about industrial chillers.


4 kW to 76 kW


50 kW to 160 kW

mle chiller

40 kW to 240 kW


55 kW to 360 kW


0.5 kW to 5 kW

1637331504-productsWRE Prospettiva APERTO_600X600.png

Cooling Oils And Dirty Oil


10 kW to 29 kW


40 kW to 750 kW


50 kW to 320 kW


150 kW to 590 kW


-30oC (-40oC special)


Cooling Oils And Dirty Oil


5 kW to 30 kW


50 kW to 180 kW


40 kW to 420 kW


150 kW to 590 kW

MPE big no background lo res.png

Integral Pump And Tank

air cooled chillers_edited.png

Designed To Specification


35 kW to 55 kW


5 kW to 213 kW


50 kW to 380 kW


680 kW to 1080 kW

GalxC oil coolers.png

Cooling Oils And Dirty Oil

What Are Industrial Chillers?

Industrial chillers are temperature control systems that are designed to maintain a specific temperature in a variety of industrial settings. They are used in a variety of processes, from cooling manufacturing equipment to maintaining a consistent temperature in food production. Industrial chillers in the UK are particularly popular due to the climate, which can cause temperatures to fluctuate throughout the year. Industrial chillers provide a reliable and efficient way to keep temperatures constant whatever the weather. They are available in a range of sizes and types to suit any application, making them a versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses across the UK.

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turnkey projects

At GalxC we design, supply, install and fully project manage a wide array of innovative cooling solutions 

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