Low temperature chillers

GalxC offers a range of low temperature chillers to -30 deg C and also ultra low temperature chillers to -40 deg C for low temperature cooling projects such as process cooling at manufacturing sites, R&D cooling, laboratory cooling, prototyping and industrial cooling systems low temperatures chiller requirements.

Unlike some UK resellers who purport to offer low temperature chillers by converting standard chillers with some low temperature components to stretch their standard temperature cooling capability down to low temperatures, GalxC chillers are correctly designed and manufactured especially for low temperature design specifications, to achieve consistent low temperatures for long term lifespans and correct operational performance. 

GalxC range of low temperature chillers cools to -30 deg C as standard


In addition we offer bespoke - ultra low temperature chillers -40 degC which are individually specified, designed and manufactured for the exacting requirements of these ultra low temperatures. 

Projects have included cosmetics, marine, mining, military, food, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing.   

Please contact us to find our more and to discuss your particular chiller cooling requirements.

Ultra low temperature (-40 degC)

LCW range -30 deg C

Low temperature design and specifications.

Factory manufactured, with options:

  • BA - Mechanical bypass valve protecting the pump

  • HR - Fluid heating element

  • LTA - Operation at low ambient temperatures

  • FP - Polyurethane air filter

  • RU - Castors

  • TD - Differential fluid temperature management (two sensors)

  • HIGH-pressure pump version "H" - 5 bar.

  • Non-standard paint/coating

  • Satin AISI 304 stainless steel framework

  • Low temperature down to -30 deg C

  • BESPOKE INDUSTRIAL range down to -40 deg C

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