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Small Footprint Chillers

GalxC offers a range of chillers with small footprints in height or width, suitable for both industrial cooling and air conditioning applications.

Space is becoming even more of a premium for architects and building users alike, and large cumbersome chillers take up much needed valuable space, so GalxC is pleased to confirm that we have a number of chiller versions in varying shapes and sizes that offer smaller footprint alternatives for most projects.

Please talk to our team and we will be happy to advise best selections for your next small footprint chiller.

mpe chiller

Reduced Width Or Length?

  • Compliance for planning permissions

  • Historic buildings

  • Architectural benefits

  • Narrow width (tall and thin)

  • Reduced height (short and fat)

  • Low profile

  • Remote condenser versions

  • Minimal surrounding space

  • Suitable for tight spaces

GalxC can offer various chiller shapes, sizes and customisation from our range, please contact us for more information.

Three Simple Steps

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Our technical sales team will help get the information needed to give you a quote. This can be done by phone or email or we can provide a free site survey

Step 3

We will produce a detailed quotation which includes technical specifications and prices for your requirements and some options for an enhanced solution

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