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Low GWP Chillers - Green And Clean

GalxC can offer low GWP refrigerant chillers which are green and clean using R1234ze, R454B (blended R32) or R513A made in Hiref units, as special customised units, plus our range of R290 chillers.

The wider refrigeration manufacturing marketplace including the compressor manufacturers have still not committed to develop their full range for each refrigerant, so we offer solutions as bespoke built chillers using the maximum efficiencies that are available with our next generation technology design capabilities.

R290 chiller

Cleaner refrigerants

  • R1234ZE refrigerant

  • R454B (R32 blended) refrigerant

  • R513A refrigerant

  • R290 refrigerant


GalxC can offer alternative refrigerants for many of our chiller models please ask for more information.

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