Cooling towers

GalxC provides a range of cooling towers which are used for process cooling and HVAC systems both as direct system and secondary cooling of industrial cooling systems and HVAC systems.

We offer a range of GRP towers with superb corrosion resistance and durability (especially when compared to the older galvanized steel or sectional designs). GalxC towers are available in forced draught and induced draught configurations for multiple applications as well as closed circuit cooling towers, ideal for food industry or remote condenser chilling operations.

Industrial cooling towers

  • Process cooling, secondary cooling and HVAC systems

  • GRP cooling towers

  • Stainless steel cooling towers

  • Design and installation

  • Air conditioning and process cooling

  • Forced or induced draught towers

  • Closed circuit and open circuit options

  • Either axial or centrifugal fan sets

  • Access platforms and ladders

  • Inspection hatches

  • Low noise options

  • Pump sets

  • Anti-freeze heaters

  • Smart towers (auto-maintenance!)

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