GalxC Cooling air cooled chillers

Air cooled


from 5 kW

to 1,500 kW

free cooling chiller.png

Free cooling


Free energy

Maximum efficiency

GalxC Cooling inverter chillers



Variable flow

MPIDC range

GalxC Cooing heat pumps with hotter water

Heat pumps with

hotter water

Northern Europe

Lower ambients

GalxC Cooling heat pump chille

Heat pump


Chilled water

or heated water

GalxC Cooling indoor ducted chiller

Indoor ducted


Warm air rejection

into ductwork

GalxC Cooling air handling unit

Air handling

units (AHU's)

Modular build

HVAC solutions

GalxC Cooling water cooled chiller

Water cooled chillers

Plant rooms

and basements

GalxC Cooling remote condenser chiller

Remote condenser


4-pipe systems

GalxC Cooling rooftop unit

Roof top


Direct mounted

Glycol or d/x

GalxC Cooling hyrocarbon chiller



Ultra low GWP

R290 refrigerant

GalxC Cooling remote condenser chiller

Remote condenser


Glycol and d/x

Flat or V-type

HVAC air conditioning

GalxC offers a high quality range of HVAC products designed and built for air conditioning applications including AHU's, HVAC chillers, glycol chillers, chiller heat pumps, multi-pipe chillers, small footprint chillers, low noise chillers, energy efficient chillers for energy saving, hydrocarbon R290 chillers, water cooled chillers and remote condenser chillers which can be supplied with remote condensers or cooling towers. 

Our leading range of AHU's and air conditioning chillers are incorporated into building services and HVAC systems, air conditioning installations with investor clients, consultant specified projects via mechanical contractors and refrigeration clients.

Please contact our chiller sales service hire teams for more information about our range of air conditioning solutions:

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